The island of Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s biggest tourist destination, boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and natural landscapes as well as numerous cultural events and amazing sights. The island’s potential is far greater than its currently managing to bring in, both tourist wise as well as in terms of development.

While Koh Samui’s tourism sector is growing on a yearly basis, the entire island’s development is being stalled by the lack infrastructure investments. After a very unstable 2014, which was marked mostly by political unrest, it seems that the current leadership is preparing a series of infrastructure programs that will help the economy get back on track while also allowing parts of the country to better develop with the help of private investors.

The real estate market in Koh Samui is a diversified one, mostly because of the foreign and local demand. This often leads to imposing projects or projects with a higher degree of quality being sought after. Whether it is a new condominium with amazing waterside views or single family housing, the beautiful surroundings of the region offer an amazing potential for development.

Roads have long been a problem in Koh Samui, however, the situation has significantly changed even as the economy of Thailand shrank. The newly announced infrastructure investments can further help the island by allowing easier access to its numerous and stunning villages or remote tourist destination.

It is expected that better infrastructure will also play an important role in the growth of tourism in the area. Easily reachable hotels and attractions can help the entire region bring in more tourists and establish itself as one of the most important destinations in this part of South Asia.

The real estate market in Koh Samui has already registered quite a lot of success with condominiums as well as single family homes or even more luxurious villas. A bigger tourist presence can create demand for more jobs which in turn will lead to more housing.

The electrical grid could also be included in a series of upgrades, particularly as most large hotel managers have complained about power outages and have equipped their hotels with backup generators to avoid any inconvenience.

The outlook for the real estate market in Koh Samui is increasingly positive as tourism growth has already led to a series of new attractions and hotels as well as new investments in town centers and commercial zones.