No doubt about it, travellers who arrive on Koh Samui and try authentic Thai cuisine are impressed by the richness of its unique flavors. To get the most of this beautiful tropical island we recommend trying its finest specialties. And what better way to enjoy them than in a high class restaurant? If you want to taste some of the most delicious food on Samui then we invite you in our elegant dining facility for an unforgettable, amazing and savory culinary experience.



Our mission is to bring every guest as closest as possible to the ideal tropical island holiday. This is what drives us to offer excellent culinary services and products. In our menu you will find a very diverse and rich selection of some of the most delicious and popular local dishes. Every single one of them is prepared by our skilled chefs from fresh and carefully selected ingredients as to surprise your senses with original and fascinating flavors.

When you are staying with us, you will always dine with style. Our restaurant is an elegant décor dedicated to an intimate ambiance, serenity and Thai culinary culture. The inside is a symbol for the uniqueness and originality of Thai food, vibrant color mixes and contrasting tastes. The furniture, the lightning and the décor elements are used for enhancing the charm of this exotic cuisine. The perfect setting and the friendliness and professionalism of our staff will complement each meal you serve in our restaurant.



A fantastic day on Koh Samui starts with a great breakfast. Serve the most important meal of the day on our restaurant’s terrace and enjoy your food and coffee with a beautiful view of the blue waters. Choose any item from out wide range of breakfast specialties or ask the chef to cook something especially for you.

Even if you are taking a well-deserved break from everything and you are flying off to an idyllic tropical holiday on Koh Samui, this doesn’t mean that you need to neglect your vegan diet. In our restaurant you will always find a delicious vegan treat that will keep you energized and healthy. Simply check the vegan section from our menu or feel free to ask the chef to prepare you your favorite meal.



And last, but not least we like to think that our visitors are completely spoiled by the 24 hours Pool&Beach Bar. This endless source of cool drinks and delicious snacks is always opened for those who want to relax under the sun or take long swims. The clear blue sky, the gentle ocean’s breeze and the palm trees are a perfect match for the special treats of our Pool&Beach Bar.

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