For any tourist, the highlights of his vacation are the modern services and luxurious amenities he enjoys at the hotel. Things like exclusive transportation, swimming pool, pool & beach bar, a fancy restaurant, breath-taking views, quick access to the beach and room service are the key ingredients for spending the perfect holiday on a tropical island. To make your stay on Koh Samui the closest version of your dream beach getaway, our hotel provides some of the most lush services and amenities. Be prepared to enjoy the ideal Thai island experience.

Our friendly staff is prepared to indulge you with some of the most diversified and modern services. A stay with us means services and facilities that were designed to ensure a delightful and unforgettable vacation on the island. We provide to all our valued customers the following- on-call doctor, 24/7 information desk, transportation around the island, tours, babysitting services, free parking and free WiFi.

In the spirit of the famous Thai hospitality, we are here for you 24/5, ready at any moment to offer you the assistance and attention you deserve- from guiding you towards the most interesting and fun-packed tours and activities on Koh Samui to picking up your luggage from the airport and preparing a very special and savory meal for you and your family. No matter what your request may be, we will do our best to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your stay on the island and that the days spend here will be one of the most beautiful vacations you’ve been on. Below we mention just a few of our best services and amenities:

24/7 Information desk

Free WiFi Internet access

Island tours and tourist activities

Baby-sitting services

On-call doctor services

Free Parking

Beach access rooms

Two Swimming pools

Pool&Beach bar

High class restaurant with Thai and International menu

Transportation services from the airport and around the island

Koh Samui is an island rich of possibilities. It has numerous natural and man-made attractions, water and mountain activities and tours and countless restaurants, clubs and cultural spots. If you are not a local then you will probably miss out on many of these great places that must be visited in order to experience the best of Samui. We simply want to remind you that our information desk is always opened and prepared to give you valuable information regarding the attractions on the island that will turn this holiday into a unique life experience. We also offer exclusive tours on Samui and its surroundings, and transportation to the spots you want to visit.

You have probably heard that Thai cuisine is one of the most exciting and savory cuisines in the world. Well, this is entirely true. The food on Koh Samui is delicious. It combines some of the most fresh and unique ingredients for getting surprising tastes. In our high class restaurant, besides the elegant décor and intimate ambiance we offer an imaginative menu that encapsulates the best of Thai and International cuisines. Eating here is the perfect opportunity for tasting the best of both culinary worlds.

The right services are the key for experiencing the ideal exotic beach getaway. For unforgettable stays topped with excellent services and modern amenities we invite you to stay with us.


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