The real estate markets are in a continuous change, a thing that both fascinates and challenges the modern investor. In a world where information is everything, knowing where and how to invest is everything. What yesterday was profitable today may turn out to be a disastrous business. Only by constantly researching the now’s fastest growing real estate market you will have a clear view of the best options to boost your earnings.

UK real estate market is one of the most attractive and interesting investment opportunities in 2016. The latest predictions, market reports and house price news say that London property market will continue to push ahead of the rest of the UK touching an annual rate house price of 10.6%. In other parts of England things look quite differently. In the Midlands and northern areas the growth of real estate is slowing down. Experts say that the price of an average house in London could hit £1million by the end of this year. The reason why the housing prices in UK are in a continuous growth is the lack of properties available on the market. This represents a huge opportunity for investors who are looking to make an easy profit. Buying a property in England now and reselling it a year later could bring serious earnings. According to the latest data, the asking price for a house in UK goes up £2,550 every month so by selling it after 12 months means at least £ 30,000 profit.

With improving economic conditions and low interest rates, Romania’s real estate market is growing strongly. Demand is picking up, residential construction activity is accelerating and house prices are rising rapidly. The best part about this growth is that it can be noticed in all country’s major cities. On the apartments sector, in Bucharest the average selling price is estimated to rise by 3%, in Cluj-Napoca it will grow by 12.4%, in Brasov by 2.5% and in Constanta by 7.2%. This change on the property market comes after a couple of years when the prices didn’t show any major changes. Now, it appears that this business sector offers major opportunities for investors who are looking for attractive investment options.

Israel is one of today’s most interesting real estate markets. During the previous year, the average price of properties rose by 8.45%. Gush Dan recorded the highest house prices by touching the value of 14.69%. Other major investment opportunities are represented by the Southern district with prices that rose by 13.81%, Sharon with prices that rose to 10.98%, Tel Aviv by 10.19% and the Center and Jerusalem Periphery Towns by 9.26%. The most expensive houses in Israel can be found in Tel Aviv where the average price of a house is about $ 640,701. After Tel Aviv there are Jerusalem with $ 442,329 and Sharon with $ 437,654. This impressive growth of the property sector has attracted numerous investors who are interested in profiting from Israel’s positive housing pricing evolution.

By international standards the property prices in Thailand remain very appealing to most local and foreign investors. Clearly, the housing boom continues even though the country is dominated by political uncertainty and the economy has started slowing down. Regardless of the macro economic conditions, the price for Thai detached houses is estimated to rise by 4.9%, condominiums will be 14% more expensive, the townhouse prices will grow by 6.60% and the residential land price will be 6.36% more. Housing prices in Thailand are at least four times cheaper than Singapore, plus it offers the major advantages of having good prospects for capital gain, strong economic fundamentals and luxury projects in key touristic locations that on long term ensure maximized capital appreciation.